Boyle Sculptures


Jerry Boyle is known for creating unique, highly detailed figurative sculpture pieces in bronze, cold casting, concrete and mosaic. Contact Jerry to receive more information and price quotes.



Trees were the predecessors of mankind, elder beings of wisdom who provided the knowledge, order, and strength for the earth and man to grow and thrive together. With its roots buried and anchored deep in the earth, its truck above ground, and its branched stretching towards the sky, a tree serves as a symbolic living link between man and nature. Today, the ecosystem that gave us, life is under severe threat. Trees remind us that we need to take a long-term view of how our actions affect future generations and make sure we don't deplete resources or cause pollution at rates faster than the earth is able to renew them. This is the theme of "Tree Spirits". The physical merging of the human spirit with the tree spirit emphasizing the need for us to work together to bring back the respect and harmony we had for the planet. That we both cannot survive without the other. I have a model of what the large piece will look like. At the present I have complete the clay work on one of the two pieces. The companion piece in under way. The final piece will be bronze. As you can see the two female tree figures from an archway with their arms extended up and out with their hands and fingers intertwining, creating a solid connection with each other. From the waist up they are clothed in flowing, sheik embroidered gowns, from the waist down they transition into elegant and ancient trees with their roots anchoring solidly into the earth.

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  • 60 different “Garden Faces” pieces are available
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